Desktop Engineers

Banwells Automotive Solutions has a large team of highly trained desktop vehicle assessors in house. This allows us to respond to numerous inspections using desktop assessment and estimating software such as Audatex to update clients’ systems instantly.

The Audatex software is an extremely effective estimating system for our assessors, providing valuable insight on the extent of the damage on the vehicle. The software makes sure that the images sent over to our desktop engineers are as detailed as possible.

Desktop Vehicle Inspection System

The way in which this process works is very effective. Instead of physically calling out a vehicle assessment engineer to inspect a vehicle, all the information we need is simply sent over to us electronically by using a desktop system. This allows our engineers to perform an accurate damage assessment very efficiently with the process being a lot less time consuming and more cost-effective than having an assessor physically visit the site.

All our desktop vehicle assessors are experts in their field so you can be sure you’re getting the best service possible. Our engineers receive a series of images and repairer’s detailed estimates to work against. The estimates are interrogated thoroughly, and repair costs can be authorised in accordance with the principal’s requirements and agreed rates.

Banwells can receive images in all manners and have a bespoke SMS image tool that allows an insured and third party to submit images of vehicles direct into our estimating systems.

If you’re interested in our desktop engineer services and want to find out more information, please contact one of our friendly team members.