Repairer Audit

Banwells’ engineers are able to provide full site repairer audits. These can be on a one-off basis or ongoing basis with an agreed schedule.

A repairer audit can be designed to meet the needs of the auditing party.

A standard audit package would include:-

  • Initial checks - car park/reception/customer facilities;
  • Workshop check - organisation/safety/cleanliness/facilities;
    Equipment check - use of equipment and sight of maintenance/calibration certificates for equipment etc.;
  • Cold case reviews - checks of invoices for any recently completed cases and parts purchases invoices;
  • Review of ongoing repair cases for auditing customer at that repairer to ensure authority provided by the engineer is accurate/correct and agreed works are being completed properly with correct repair methods;
  • Highlight and deal with any issues that can be dealt with whilst on site.