Repairer Audit

Post Repair Inspection

Banwells’ engineers are able to provide full site repairer audits. These can be on a one-off basis or ongoing basis with an agreed schedule.

A post-repair inspection is an evaluation of a vehicle by a qualified engineer after an accident or collision, this is to make sure the vehicle has been restored to an acceptable condition and that the manufacturer guidelines were followed by the repairer.

Post-repair inspections are carried out either because the vehicle owner wants to seek financial compensation for diminished value, the owner wants to make sure their vehicle has been repaired properly and is safe to drive or an insurance company wants to confirm the vehicle is in an adequate state to reinsure it.

Customers may have concerns or complaints regarding the repair work that has been carried out to their vehicle after an accident. Our post repair inspections are designed to make sure that the garage, company or engineer that repaired your vehicle has completed the repair properly and to the correct standards. Our dedicated team here at Banwells can put your mind at ease by assigning our trained engineers to complete a thorough post repair inspection, making sure no faulty repairs have been carried out and there is no damage to your vehicle.

Our team visit the site and perform a thorough inspection of the garage, company and engineers handling your vehicle, this can be post repair or whilst the repair is ongoing. By visiting the site, our team of experts are able to gather as much information as possible and come to a professional conclusion on the quality of repair.

A post repair inspection / audit can be designed to meet the needs of the auditing party.

A standard audit package would include:-

  • Initial checks - car park/reception/customer facilities;
  • Workshop check - organisation/safety/cleanliness/facilities;
    Equipment check - use of equipment and sight of maintenance/calibration certificates for equipment etc.;
  • Cold case reviews - checks of invoices for any recently completed cases and parts purchases invoices;
  • Review of ongoing repair cases for auditing customer at that repairer to ensure authority provided by the engineer is accurate/correct and agreed works are being completed properly with correct repair methods;
  • Highlight and deal with any issues that can be dealt with whilst on site.

Interested in a post repair inspection? Make sure to contact our friendly team and they’ll be happy to assist you.